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Inventory Management

When you run out of parts it is costly!  Costly to your company to work around the outage as well as the cost of placing a small run rush order.  At BGS we want to help manage your inventory to prevent you from being out of parts! The key for us is FLEXIBILITY!  We can accomplish this goal of managing your inventory releases to keep your production moving with reduced stress!

We offer:

  • Inventory management 
  • Flex min/max inventory control triggers
  • e-KANBAN
  • Advanced ship notification
  • Electronic data interchange, MRP
  • Finish goods warehouse
  • Fulfillment
  • Line side stocking
  • Value reporting of inventory for budgeting and finance
  • Historical usage by part
  • Less time for you with more control
  • Less stress of being out of parts.

In the case you do need a part quickly, BGS offers various printing capabilities to produce quickly with the utilization of our three production shifts working five days per week.