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Low Profile Decals

BGS is a world class provider of low-profile decals being one of the few in the world offering specialty low profile constructions. Low profile decals are produced in a state of art clean room environment. The end product is a low profile ink only decal which resembles hand painting.  There is no vinyl material and therefore no profile thickness.   When the release liner is pulled away the decal is applied with a mixture of water and surfactant.  We have the support expertise with our lab and ink chemist to our engineering team with many years of process knowledge producing parts in various environments.

  • Some low-profile decals require a clear coat for protection and durability 
  • Compatible with many types of clear coats
  • Can be printed with many hits of ink 
  • Offered with high-resolution fades and close color to color registration
  • Many effects can be achieved with metallic inks and clears
  • Offered  utilizing gold leaf and other forms of leaf for the highest level of decorating