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Quality Control


At Burlington Graphic Systems, Inc. we not only produce high-quality products, we understand the standards and procedures required to partner with manufacturers.  Our employee-owners take pride in their daily responsibilities to produce high-quality products.  Here are the measures we take to ensure that our customers receive quality products:

  • Formal, continual, fully documented quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015
  • We want our products to exceed customer standards and are eager and able to offer First Article Inspection to ensure a high quality finished product.
  • BGS is familiar with ANSI Z535.4, ISO 11684 and other decal standards.  BGS will assist you with the decal layout, color, and offer pictographs.  We are happy to assist with liability decals but all final decisions are the responsibility of the customer as noted by a signed art approval before we go to production.
  • BGS designs and manufactures decals in accordance with UL Recognized and CSA Certified decals as specified by our customers.  BGS has a number of UL/CSA cataloged constructions.
  • Practice lean manufacturing
  • Print review, development, and updating to maintain consistency and correct part documentation 
  • Onsite R&D and process labs
  • Commitment to Continuous Improvement  
  • Welcome on-site customer audits
  • Exceptional quality ratings affirmed by clients and internal quality audits.

COLOR MATCHING – Matching corporate colors for a consistent image and identity.  BGS offers computerized color matching to meet your exact color needs.  All matches are evaluated with the use of a spectrophotometer inside a color light booth alongside new PMS color swatch books.   Once the colors are approved we take the customer’s approved color matches right to the press to ensure each print meets the established parameters. 

INBOUND MATERIAL TESTING - BGS collaborates with our suppliers to ensure the material we supply meets durability requirements for the end user.  We are continually testing adhesive initial tack and ultimate adhesive of our pressure sensitive substrates.   

ACCELERATED WEATHER TESTING – Our products are tested for long term durability using our onsite Q-LAB QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester. We can test long term adhesion as well as UV fade resistance to the following standards; AATCC, ASTM, DIN, GM, IEC, ISO, and SAE.   

IN-HOUSE SCREEN PROCESSING – At BGS we stretch and mount screens to the frame.  We utilize state of the art automatic feed reclaim system to clean and reuse our screens.  Direct to screen imaging and automatic developing are also used.  This allows for quick turnaround times for even the most challenging projects while reducing operating costs and minimizing waste.

IN-HOUSE DIMENSIONAL TOOLING - Producing your vacuum forming tools in house at BGS allows us to bring delivery flexibility to our customers.  Where the market cost for tooling is in the thousands with several weeks to complete, our tooling cost is in the hundreds with standard lead times less than 10 days.  In many cases, we can provide finished parts before the competition can have a production ready tool.  If you want fast turns times at a low cost then BGS is your answer!

BURLINGTON GRAPHIC SYSTEMS, INC. IS 100% EMPLOYEE OWNED - In 2004 BGS became a 100% employee owned company.  Our employee-owners take pride in their work statistically outpacing non-employee owned companies as they are rewarded based on the company’s success.

FACILITY - Today we operate in a 116,000 square foot world class production facility.  Our plant is humidity and temperature controlled for process stability.  Most production equipment is less than 5 years old.