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Artist Design

Are you looking for ideas on how to get your brand name to stand out from your competitors? Creating enhanced brand logos and overall decorative graphics to project a modern progressive company and brand image is an expert service offered by BGS.  The message you send with the product branding directly reflects your company's image.  Creative effects, new products, and colors can all add the sizzle and pop for your company to grab buyer's attention and increase brand retention.

Our consultative approach allows us to gain an understanding of your goals and vision.  Typically we work with Industrial Design, Styling, Product Managers, Marketing, Owners, and Engineering to fully gain the insights to the vision.  We take these learned ideas to our design artist team to create several renditions.  The vision could take on a complete redesign, updating print effects and colors, and/or introducing new product technologies like AutoChrome, SS Chrome, and/or Doming.  

After tweaking and adjusting the design to match the goal, we then move to validation proofing with the art and color approvals to full prototyping. Once full approval is agreed upon, our production art team converts the design art to production art using the state of art software and technologies.  Understanding our production capabilities allows us to build the art to maximize production efficiencies and overall product quality which offers you the best value!