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Autochrome 3D Badges

AutoChrome is the highest quality dimensional product in the market place.  The dimensionality height can vary based on your goals.  AutoChrome is an outdoor durable product that will certainly enhance the professionalism of your band.  

Offered in a variety of stocks which have all passed auto durability standards.
  • Textures: carbon fiber black or white, 
  • Chromes: black, silver, gold,  clear and other colors
  • Matte: aluminum, oiled pewter, black and others
  • Brushed finishes
  • Printable stocks

Tooling made in house:
  • Much lower than market cost
  • Faster turn times compared to market

  • Largest size in the market
  • Greatest  compression to allow for the best detail  of textures 

  • Brand lettering
  • Brand badges
  • Accent parts to enhance your product