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Informational/Functional Decals

Functional decals have two main requirements: First, it must be easy to read and direct action. Secondly, it must last to the required life expectancy.  We offer functional decals in many substrates, adhesives, and top coats to meet and exceed the end use applications.  

  • BGS designs and manufactures decals in accordance with UL Recognized and CSA Certified decals as specified by our customers.  BGS has a number of UL/CSA cataloged constructions.
  • BGS offers PPAP, Production Part Approval Process, and updating of prints.  We want our products to exceed customer standards and are eager and able to offer First Article Inspection to ensure a high quality finished product.
  • BGS is familiar with ANSI Z535.4, ISO 11684 and other decal standards.  We will assist you with the decal layout, color, and offer pictographs.  We are happy to assist with liability decals but all final decisions are the responsibility of the customer as noted by a signed art approval before we go to production.
  • Materials: Vinyl's, Polyesters, Polycarbonate, Lexan, laminates, liquid clears, tamper resistant, chemical resistant, and more.
  • Exceptional quality ratings affirmed by clients and internal quality audits.